Patterns of Adapting To Health



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Pattern of Health Book Review – Pattern of Health by Frederick H. Navarro

How many times do you remember the ache of frustration because you started a diet that you couldn’t stick with? How often did you see friends getting fantastic results from the same exercise schedule that you found impossible to bend your life around? And think of that someone you know whose very life depends on a few simple changes that they just can’t seem to make.

Pattern of Health guide explores behaviors such as:

✔ Avoiding or seeking vigorous exercise

✔ Avoiding or seeking nutritional information

✔ Involvement in family health

✔ Health information seeking

✔ Openness to alternative versus tradition medicine

✔ Health risk factors for each pattern

✔ Projected health costs expected for each pattern

With Pattern of Health book, you’ll learn:

✘ Which group has the highest overall health outcomes, yet surprisingly, the highest alcohol consumption

✘ How your gender and age influences your PATH

✘ Which group avoids healthcare until it’s too late

✘ Which groups have the highest and lowest healthcare costs—and why it’s not necessarily the healthiest group

✘ Which health-related habits are the toughest to disrupt

✘ The geographical connection to PATH

✘ Reliable and scalable connections between health behaviors and long-term outcomes

What others say about Pattern of Health book by Frederick H. Navarro?

James Andersen says: “Great writing, article selection, and editing. A standard text for good reason. You can’t go wrong, whether you’re teaching or learning about why people with illness may be successful with one treatment plan and unsuccessful with others. Simply a must-have.”